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Technorati’s Where is The Fire.


Know something that’s hot? Explain why!


This is your opportunity to write a quick explanation for the buzz around a popular subject. No blog required!

most of the times, most of us don’t know why this thing is so HOT but few of us know the reason. This is the place to explain for those few to rest of world, why it the hell, things like iPhone, Paris Hilton, Tammy NYP, Second Life and of course, WTF are burning the web like anything.


Where’s the Fire? What’s Hot and Why.


Ever wonder why something is sooooo popular? Why are the hot topics hot? WTFs explain the buzz around people, things, and events. Who writes these WTFs? You do! Anyone can write one on any topic, and everyone can vote for the best explanations. The ones with the most votes rise up and the dreck sinks. Let millions of other people benefit from your genius… no blog required!


And I thought WTF stood for What The Fuck! Perhaps they also knew 🙄 about it but then, things like these sell and it is selling…

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