Indian freedom fighters shown as terrorists in text-books

This is what I got a message in morning. It was a news which was printed in Hindustan Times in its July 18. 2006 edition. Here is some excerpt from the news –


‘Bhagat Singh, Rajguru referred as terrorists in ICSE textbook’


Freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev have been referred to as terrorists in a textbook of ICSE syllabus, the Maharashtra Legislative Council was informed on Tuesday.


Joshi said the chapter titled `Revival of terrorism’ in the 10th class book of ICSE referred the trio as terrorists.


The minister said the chapter would be expunged. Orders to the effect would be issued on Tuesday itself, he said.


I am not sure if the above action has been taken or not but the message also pointed out the pages of textbooks as follows –

Shame on this government !!! Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev have been referred as terrorists in an ICSE 6th standard class in social science subject text book at page number 64 & 65 in Mumbai…Jai Hind

It is really a disgrace to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our future.




Update (March 31, 2007): I visited a link over orkut which was pointing to this post. There was a member who questioned the authenticity of this post as the link to the online HT paper which is provided above is unavailable now and doesn’t open. There was some discussion over that thread until the doubter got the hard copy of same news from newspaper of same date and pasted the same text over the thread Also came across few anti-Indian disturbing communities while visiting orkut after long time – SIKH Nation !!!, I HATE INDIA AND WHAT ABOUT U? and Khalistan Punjabi n Sikhism :M(. This nation is ours.



And all those other die-hard orkut users and cricket fans, do you know that Krish Srikkanth has become almost Google brand ambassador in India after starting a blog over blogger and creating a rather interesting profile over orkut? You can network with him by visiting his profile and other details provided by him over there. No I haven’t added him as my friend because I don’t accept anyone as friend until I don’t know that one well enough. I like him speaking about and promoting cricket but one thing that I dislike about him is that he talks about his 1983 triumph more than anything else. I am happy that veteran celebrities have started appearing online, although slowly.

4 thoughts on “Indian freedom fighters shown as terrorists in text-books”

  1. Hi Indians…!

    It was great deal….! Let all the indians know what was happening on our Greatfreedom fighters…..! we should not bare this type of testbook printing…! Indian govt should took an action on this Immediatly….!

    Jai Hind…..! Jai Bhagatsingh…..!

    Thanks To nitesh……………….!
    Thanks & Regards

  2. dear indians

    i am shocked to hear this news.people like bhagat singh,rajguru and sukhdev are legends who sacrificed their life so that we could live & breath in an independent can the writers of the book present our national heroes as terrorist… harsh steps must be taken by the govt.against the writers of the book & the chapters should be immediately removed frm the book.

    jai hind…

  3. Hi friends,

    Now its high time that we should kick these good-for-nothing politicians who are screwing up the whole country and now screwing up our glorious past as well. I am surprised how such text books can be approved. You can understand how pathetic is the situation prevailing now.
    Friends, if we let go them so easily, the day is not far when our national heroes from the past will be defamed.

    Thanks Nitesh for your initial input.
    Jai Hind … make India free from corruption and kick these useless politicans out of the country.


  4. The HT link isn’t working anymore.
    How does one verify this?

    Is it possible that the chapter being titled “the rise of terrorism” is causing this furore, and in reality our 3 great freedom fighters haven’t been referred to as terrorists. Maybe it’s just a comment on the means they employed.

    India in her freedom struggle employed many means: War, Assassinations, Train Robberies, Bombings, Terrorism, Civil Disobedience & Peace. Maybe the history book is just referring to that.

    Let’s not be so quick to judge without understanding the whole issue. This may just have been politicised unnecessarily.

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