Four days in real world and Happy belated Lohri and Pongal

Happy belated Lohri and Pongal to everyone.


I was offline for last four days and was celebrating Lohri (North-Indian winter festival) at home. I had gone to my hometown and wanted to have pure taste of real world without even a tint of virtual reality. Therefore, didn’t even watched TV or went online although I had access to both. And it was a fruitful as well as eye-opening experience for me.


In these four days, I was with my parents and bro for most of the time, had gala time with them as well as relatives and then had some great incidents/observations happening in my life during this span as goes like – 

    • Met with a constructor who had came back to see a house which he built in 1985. Yes you are right, 22 years ago. No it wasn’t our house. This is what I call attachment as well as customer delight and I was moved but then, it happens only in India 🙂
    • Had conversation with an ungrateful aged Non Resident Indian (NRI) who had left India about 40 years ago. He was concerned about poor development of India as compared to other nations and was cursing the nation because it didn’t give him anything. After long debate, I asked him one question and he was unanswered and that marked my victory. If you don’t love your country, you don’t have any right to live in it, to talk about it. You are just another unthankful poor citizen of this country, no matter how much money you possess.
    • Got chance to visit Lohri celebration of another NRI who was celebrating it because he wanted to share his joy with other Indians following his rituals and wanted to keep word of advice from his elders.
    • Shared joy and pain (:D) of last days of bachelorhood of my schoolmate NRI friend who was getting married in 2 days.
    • Compliment for being patriotic and I never forget the ones who compliment me. Other names that sparked in my mind right now is Nitin Prakash who is in US right now. Hey Nitin, see I still remember you. So keep spreading the good words.
    • Went into spiritual saga.
    • Discussed and made contribution to the future plans of two young lads who were preparing to get into their graduation studies.
    • Had healthy discussion about clean and dirty politics in Punjab and India. Got my chance to keep my views and they were well taken.
    • Then there is always home-made delicious food including Saag and Makki ki roti, friends to give you company for bird-watching and the birds flying all around to make you feel busy :roll:.
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