Back at work

It really seems to be an achievement to me when you have to come back to work after a rocking weekend especially when it is a birthday celebration and a cricket match.


I wanted to wish Anish, Happy Birthday once again as still I am in hang-over this morning. His birthday was on Sat. And last evening, it was treat from him. Thanks Anish for such a wonderful birthday treat. And then Pizza Hut did fabulous job as was expected. It was so great to meet all the friends and having fun after going through a hopeless, tiring and frustrating cricket match.


And just to mention such a great quote once again when it was asked – Why were those 5 minutes rocking? –


When you get to know 4 girls in 5 minutes, it is rocking.


And today, it is birthday of Arun Jeyasingh. Happy Birthday buddy. Wish you all he joys and smiles in the year ahead.


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