Mark III is arriving

Zooomr – my beloved photo hosting website, has just changed its logo, previously covered by murk, to newer and better one which looks much like a master card.


Here is an image which the Zooomr founder Kristopher had shared few days ago on December 26, 2006 which looked pretty much covered by fog 🙂


Hmmm, what's this? :)Hmmm, what’s this? 🙂 Hosted on Zooomr


 And now, new logo appeared on the website which is very much clear 😉



So this is the new logo which Zooomr is going to use for its next major upgrade named as Mark III. The most exciting feature of this next step is that the users will be able to earn revenues by selling their photographs. Also, support for 25 different languages is going to be added to the Zooomr and here is the pre final draft shared by Kristopher

The Power to Unite: Pre Final Hosted on Zooomr

Best wishes for Zooomr!


Up from AboveUp from Above Hosted on Zooomr

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