Programmer Hierarchy

It was dugg over Digg and came in Google Search results. Huh.


It happened to be interesting to me specially when it ends with People who insist on calling HTML a programming language as ultimate programmers. Also there is a small foot-note –


Note: Ruby programmers consider themselves superior to everybody, but are not aware of the existence of non-web languages so on this chart come in above Perl Programmers

It is version 0.1 as the document says.


Here is the image. Click to see the full size image.


3 thoughts on “Programmer Hierarchy”

  1. Why are Perl, Python and PHP included in this? Those folks are not programmers – they dream about C# but are unable to admit that everything they have ever done could have been done better in any other language than that which they chose. They should be praying that they can comprehend C# and managed code. Drop them from your chart. They are obsolete. Even VB programmers (shudder) are better than them these days.

    What is up with LISP being at the top with no mention of Prolog (which is clearly superior)? LISP is not all that great and Prolog is making a well deserved come back in a serious way.

    PS. What the heck is “RUBY”? Is that the color of your face when actual programmers slap you around for being a douche bag?

    Also – “Assembler Programmers” should not be mentioned as programmers (they are Gods/Goddesses)!!!

  2. I think what has happened is that writers are to blame.
    In the recent decade or so they have started to develop more and more programs that make development easier and easier aka object oriented even PHP.
    Microsoft has made such a shift as they hide more and more of the programming code and automating things that used to be time consumming but needful leaving out options to be replaced by bulky extra code to do things they used to do clearer.
    In short hierarchy is different than it used to be however the concept that HTML isn’t a real p language is misleading they are good starting areas for people learning the concepts and then often people move up from their.

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