Orkut in Google search???

I tried searching my name over Google for nothing and found Orkut News as the last result in search list. Note that I have enabled option to omit irrelevant results in my Firefox browser and also installed Customize Google extension to get rid of Advertisements. I was surprised…greatly surprized. How come a login-protected orkut website has been included by Google in its search results?




I couldn’t understand but then when I tried opening it, it asked me for authentication. I also tried getting the cached page from Google but even then, it asked for authentication.


Then how was it able to crawl orkut news? Is it because Orkut is a Google website and Google is sacrificing the user information or something else? I am still figuring out. You can see the results by going to last page of search.


I also tried all the above mentioned things using IE 7 and got the same output. Any answers or have you also come across similar thing?

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