Top tech headlines for 2007

…which you can happen to see any time in 2007.


I thought of starting writing about year end things as it isn’t so far and now, time is to wrap up the thoughts which keep lingering around you to make them appear on your blog when year is about to end :).


So here goes my first take (don’t expect many as time is already short and we are going to have a big bash tomorrow and then on new year eve…so not sure if I will be blogging much :D)


Well it is my first of its kinda take on year end blog posts, so…Here goes the top tech headlines which I very much expect to appear in 2007 –


  • Office 2007 released (and that’s for sure đŸ˜‰ )
  • Yahoo buys Digg in a multi-million deal. (or should I say Google? – time will say that)
  • Orkut surpasses MySpace in social networking (some news happened in 2006 here as well as here).
  • Google launches online Operating System
  • Next gen browser – Firefox 3.0 launches
  • IE become more like Firefox
  • Research reveals that Wikipedia search results found to be more relevant than Google
  • Blogosphere grows double-fold in year 2007 (most probably it will be a news from technorati)
  • India surges fastly in Web 2.0 space and at third position among Web 2.0 startup countries after US and Germany
  • Google bids for Zooomr

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