Jal Split – The Real Story

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Dear lovely fans,


There were lot of controversies and rumors were spreading about jaL breaking up, so here I am to tell you. Officially what happened with jaL and will tell about some people who tried to spoil it and start it by creating some rumors about me. U have seen many cases of bands breaking up, but I am sure the whole music industry have never seen such a band who had only one song released and they break up. I want to tell u the truth and the reason behind it that why I kick Atif out of band and what was the reasons that forced me to do that.


As ppl from PICS know since when I have been singing Aadat without even the existence of Atif. So no point in proving anything else.. J


That was August 15th 2003 when we ”JAL” had a contract offer with the biggest cellular company of Pakistan and Fakher-Alam was the consultant for that concerning company and they want to meet us immediately in Islamabad for the contract terms and conditions. That day Atif came to me and said that we should have a manager who can talk about this and he said that my brother I is the manager of jaL from now to represent us. I frankly agreed with Atif and thought that he is Atif’s brother and doing that for the sake of the band . so I agreed and I , Atif and his brother Shahbaz Aslam went to meet them and that is the way this manager entered in the band but I had no idea that what’s his intentions were.! After a month, we got some offers for concerts, and I personally refer people to talk with shahbaz Aslam.


With only one song , his brother has started claiming 80000 per concert. ( I think many people who are reading this post are witnesses for that). Some organizer talked to me again and said that are you people r in senses ??/ I mean after one song you people have gone mad and start thinking that you are a super star and bla bla.. so I told Atif once to talk to your brother and tell him that day will come when we will charge more then 80,000 and warned him that don’t claim this money again and start with some decent amount because at the start of jal, we need some exposure instead of money.. he said, “ BACHAY MUGHAY CALL KERTAY HEIN TOE I M SAYING THIS TO REFUSE THEM”… but then again he told the same amount to the people that jal will charge 80,000 and said me that people will agree on it . but in result we have lost 6 concerts in from the month of September to the start of November.


Shahbaz didn’t show me any contract he was doing on behalf of Jal. After some days I saw one of the contracts and guess what? He mentioned that Shahbaz Aslam ( Atif’s brother) is the band member of jaL, ( I will show u the photo copy of that contract on internet ). I talked to Shahbz and asked him that why u mention your name in in the contract as band member and asked him that are you going to play drums. Guitar, bass guitar or will sing with your brother? , he replied I m just sort of a band member for u , I will work with u people , I will design the wardrobe for you people, I will direct your videos and will open a production house ( with the name blue) and then I will open a boutique. And will manage the band, and all the accounts of the band.


He want to be a wanna be and want to do it through the channel of jal, matlab , director+designer+band member+band manager. And Atif has full l votes for his “BELOVED” brother , then my brother had a meeting with Shahbaz Aslam and discuss this thing and told him that this thing should be done by the professionals that is Professional Managers for the betterment of the exposure of jaL and u r watching field of interest through the band instead of making plans to buy the instruments for the band. but he said that this is my brother who is the vocalist in the band and Goher only writes and plays guitar and composes for the band and my brother is much dominant and Atif also said to me that u will not sing for the band and will only play. (Hello.. I made the band Hello)..I think they were really out of their minds. Anyways, I came up with a point and told Atif tha I wil not work with your greedy brother. Either its ur brother Shahbaz Aslam or me. And left his place.


That was the time when the video of Aadat was going to launch and that was the time of happiness for the band because we already got success and appreciation from internet. But on the other hand , his brother was planning that how to get rid of Goher and how to promote his brother. In this process we got an offer for a concert in Al-hamra which was organized on 24th of January. And Atif called me at my place through a person and said that there is no more Shahbaz Aslam between us and come back and lets do the concert. I had a fight with my brother and I said to him that I want Goher who made picked me from college and made Aadat a big hit.


And he made a condition that I will manage the Jal from now on. I said okie fine, i thought that I should believe in him as he is also a good friend of mine and if he is doing it for the sake of the band then I should also come back and rejoin to continue the gigs , just for the sake of the band, so I agreed with him and stared the jamz and he told me that we are doing that concert in 20000 Rs.. I never knew that behind this scene, Atif and his brother signed a deal with SADAF STEREO through Mekaal Hassan , and when Mekaal and Salman Elbert ask that where is Goher, then his brother replied that we were giving him some percentage and he did’nt agree on it so he left the band. ( this statement of Atif was being told to me by Mekaal Hasaan). but I had no idea whats going on.


In those days I got a call from Ahmed Zakaria ( Manager operation ARY , THE MUSIK) for some performances for THE MUSIK channel and he wanted that jal should be there on with with noori, Karvaan and Fuzon.on the 22nd of January. I have talked to Atif about this and he asked me, Goher have u sign any deal with ARY ?,, I replied him with a smile that there is nothing like that , we are just going there for some Tv performances and ARY is sending us the tickets for it they said. I will think over it to go to ARY. And in that time we were doing our jamz for the concert in Al-Hamra on 24th of January and were pretty prepared for the concert , so I again asked to Atif to go with me to Ary and we should not miss that big chance for Tv coverage. He agreed, but then at the last moment. He said that I have an emergency so I m not going, ( just on the instruction of his brother ) because he knows that Atif is vocalist and Goher cannot go with out Atif,. I called Ahmed Zakaria and told him that Atif is not coming, if u want me then I will come on the behalf of the band and sing my two songs which I m singing in the album.


Like Dil haray and another song. Ahmed said , okey come here and perform two songs as he told to everyone that Jal is coming and performing and this would be highly non-professional thing that once u commit with a channel and then refuse it at the last time. So I had to leave alone for Karachi and told them I will come back on 23rd and will do the concert on 24th in Alhamra,, here I will put an example about our Pakistani poilitics, when chief. Of Army staff was out of country and mr. Newaz shareef made a plan to remove him in the absense of pervaiz mussharaf and want the control of his Air Plane.


I think in my case Atif Aslam is mr. Newaz shareef who wants everything and I had to rescue my self.. I went to ARY for recording. His brother who was calling ARY for 2 days and talking AS Atif, said that Goher came here without telling Atif, and u called the wrong person , and forcefully convinced them that Goher is a Secessionist in the band and Atif is the main guy of the band. (Hello .. I am the sessionist?) , when I went to Ary , I have now words what I have been through. They took the Airline tickets back and didn’t let me perform on the show. I was really shocked at that time because I never expected that from Atif and his brother that they will do that to make me out form the band. Ahmed Zakaria and Umer Sheikh are the witnesses of this matter as it all happened in ARY office. I really appreciate ARY especially Umer Shiekh’s wisdom & professionalism, the way he handled the matter. And When I called Atif form my cell and asked him what the hell are u doing by telling them that goher is a secessionist and I didn’t tell u about the ARY function. Toe he replied. I have to go , my cell battery is quite low.


My dear fans, I have to came back from Karachi and I was really pissed off at that time and not in a mood to do the concert on 24rth but I had to do it for the sake of the band. but when I went to Al-hamra, Atif and his brother Shahbaz Aslam has already told the organizers that if Goher will come then kick him off form Al Hamra as he is no more the band member, I tried to tell him that its my band and showed him some legal paper that they cannot perform without me they all were shocked but ultimately t the organizers had to do the concert because they have sold all the tickets and one of the organizer shazil told me that we will continue the concert because we have paid 50000 to jal’manager i.e. Shahbaz Aslam.


I was like but Atif told me that u paid them 20000 for that concert. They said. No we have paid his manager 50000 for the concert. And when I asked him that to whom u paid that money. Show me the man , then that man was again his brother Shahbaz Aslam who was managing Jal on his own after the saying of Atif to me that he is out form the Jal. Shahbaz came and said that kick him out and he is not in the band. Atif picked my two guitar students(HAIDER and OMER) who knows all my song chords which I have composed and they did that concert with him. I think I have never seen the selfishness like this and Atif used them because for the songs he don’t have any other option other then haider and omer because we use to jam at the haider and omer’s place, and atif and shahbaz didn’t let them know the reality and made them believe that goher is out of the band so that haider and omer who knew the songs chords could play for him. Haider and Omer were being misguided throughout.


The only reason that I kicked Atif is just because his selfishness which he has showed and the dishonesty and greed of his brother and his plan to kick me out from my own band.. Sorry my friends, After a one song, u should not behave like Michael Jackson. Mm I think Michael Jackson must have some self respect for him and honesty, better than Atif and his brother..


I can say more, but due to legal grounds I cannot.. and as to tell u all, my lawyers who is handling this now is one of the best law firms in our country and they are making sure that ppl associated with Atif and his brother whoever it maybe will pay a big price for this act.. so wait and see J..


And to all the organizers out there, don’t let atif promote jal as he cannot sing cover songs of jal.
From this day onward, all questions and queries regarding Jal will be asked and discussed by our OFFICIAL MANAGER “Khurram Bhai EP (Jilawatan)” so don’t hesitate to contact him…


Love you all for the support ………



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  1. Hi,

    I was just shocked to read this . It was so fu#@ing selfish of shahbaz.
    Goher, I ve been a big fan of yours and every1 in my school also called me the Goher of my school.

    Are u really Goher.
    If yes.. Email me on the address listed above.


  2. hii..Gohar i am ur big fan n i was just shocked 2 read this actually i didn’t knew the truth and by reading this i am really suprised ..shabaz is an…………….Whatever
    and if u r really gohar then do reply me plzzzzzz..

  3. hello gohar..
    i am really shocked to read this…but i want u to convince farhan..becoz the day i have watched jal (about 8 years) i hav thought u 3 as brothers… i love jal band a lot..i love ur compositions lyrics and everything connected with jal…

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