And I recalled first ever english video I watched

Manas came to my seat few quarters to midnight and he was in a bit light mood. He was here for…let me recall…sorry I forgot…he just started like that…yep I got it…the most usual question asked to me most of the times by most of the mates –

What are you doing?

And I gave the most expected answer –

Time Pass

After all these are my favorite words. So they just happened to come out of my mind. Just few minutes ago, Sumit had asked me the same and I had told the thing to him. But Manas seemed to be ready to fire next question after getting this expected answer –

How do you pass time by sitting on your seat for so long hours? I can’t do that. I can pass time by sleeping only.

Now that was a bit tricky but then I figured out the reason. My reply was –

Everyone has its own way of passing time – the medium he is expert at. I can’t pass time by sleeping and you can by just sitting and surfing. So it depends from human to human.

He seemed to be agreeing with me and hence, I was happy 🙂

Then a song started playing (most probably enqueued by him) and he told me that this is the first english video he ever watched. Then he modified his statement…ummm, actually this is the first english video which I watched with full interest and it touched me. But by that time, I had started thinking about the first ever english video I watched and without much difficulty, I was able to recall it – it is Simarik which I watched at the age of 7. Ok, I am listening to you…it was first ever foreign language video I watched. And yes it touched me too at that time and till date, I have this song with me everywhere (right now in my mobile). It is beautifully and very differently sung Tarkan. With that, I got lost in my childhood memories for a moment when Teji and Ramveer came to seat. 


They both were happy as they had given final demo to higher management of the app developed completely by them only (name isn’t being disclosed intentionally).

It feels so great when you develop something on your own and it is recognized at corporate level

…were Teji’s words and I agree with him. Then they gave me a demo of this app. what have they not used in it? JSF, Hibernate, AJAX…all the latest as well as HOT technologies. I was impressed – they deserved the praise for their work. Congratulations mates. Me sure will be turning back to you.


AJAX is the mantra for success in today’s tech initiatives be it Web 2.0 or Search. We had long discussion and during discussion, I & Manas got chance to show NetAmp to Teji and then visit Yahoo! Time Capsule. I was happy that I had logged about these things here and I was able to find links easily.


So these were the random happenings of tonight before I am going to leave for home…I am not feeling like writing these days or reading anything online. I am not feeling tech way…to be precise. Moreover there is going to be very hectic schedule in next 2 months so I don’t think I will be blogging heavily in rest of this year but still I will be writing some things like this one ;).


Update (November 03, 2006): I am posting this video after my first ever video post of Guru:


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