The bandwidth limit of my website exceeded but in control

And it wasn’t accessible for whole Monday as I was informed by visitors! I was surprized when I came to know about it.


While starting this website, I hadn’t expected such traffic and had thought of it as another website managing to get just average hits. I had started it with the purpose of having a virtual home reserved for myself, let the world know about me, to record my personal observations and musings and was thinking that just more than few will be knowing about it. I had booked almost double bandwidth for this website than is supposed to be consumed by a personal website with blog. But thanks to the content, Google and of course above all, the lovely visitors, within less than 6 months of its launch, this website has started out-performing…just like me ;M). I was thrilled and now, I have seriously started thinking about going for expansion…let’s wait for another month and who knows, where this website will be :). My Blog Clustrmaps is showing more than 3k visitors have visited in last 5 months – not that bad when it is about a personal website but then, I write about The World ;M)…just have a look at my blog categories on right sidebar and yu will understand!!


Thanks to Amol, the person behind webserver, for his nice gesture of providing more of bandwidth!


PS: I am blogging from home these days, so very less graphics will be there and forget about technical news…it is going to be all about my random thoughts and statements.

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