Google Website Optimizer Launched

Google has launched its Website Optimizer which is targeted around its AdWords customers who can optimize their websites using this service.

The Website Optimizer allows you to test changes in the website content of your pages in order to determine what will be most effective in getting conversions. You choose what parts of a page you’d like to test — headline, image, promo text – and we’ll run an experiment on a portion of your site traffic to determine which content on your site users respond to best. When we’ve collected enough data, we’ll provide you with reliable reports and a suggested course of action in order to optimize your site for maximum business results.

Right now, the invitations to test this beta service are being sent to only AdWords customers but it is mentioned that they will be working towards making it available to everyone. So keep you fingers crossed :). Of course I am not a customer, so couldn’t go for signing this service. With this service, Google has jumped into the competition with popular website optimizers like Crazyegg which provide optimizing tips in text as well as graphical form. Ok, Google Analytics is a bit different from WebOp (as I call it) because Analytics is about providing website stats. That’s it. But WebOp is one step further towards providing information to customers/users, the way, the can work on fine-tuning/increase the traffic on their websites.

You can watch Demo on website in order to have a feel of how it works. the interface is almost copy of one of the administration tools that I have been using for some time. It is almost the same. Is Green the color for administration or Google copied it from ours one 🙄 The stats are quite informative and detailed, if someone wants to go in depth about them.

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