Yesterday was a BIG day

As I had mentioned earlier, there were lot of things going to happen on this day.


First thing first! Next is a bit coded stuff…I got the stamp finally. This time it was a nice guy and I hadn’t to chatter a lot. He really understood the requirement and assured me about fulfilling it. Last time, the lady with whom I met, was missing. Although I was already warned at that time after going through lot of written stuff that I should encounter a foreigner lady in the room and also people in front of me hesitated to go to her, I had bravely proceeded and the results reflected in next 2 days! This time, I was precautious about the person and luckily, I met a nice guy on window 15 (or 14??? anyway they both relate to one of my lucky numbers :)) and hence I got what I needed. I was happy at EOD :M)

Next thing was CE Diwali celebration…yuppie, after couple of months, I was becoming part of CE celebration since I missed some of them recently. It was outside Gurgaon at Ashoka Avenue, Chattarpur.

Although it sounds funny and amusing at times to ponder about personal musing on this blog but then it is my personal blog and there are so many categories to browse from, for people with different tastes and this is one of the reasons why I switched from Blogger, so I feel like writing stuff I like to blabber about :D.

As soon as I arrived back at CE, I was welcomed by same old hubbies just getting ready to launch for destination…this time, it was planned to be on bikes and after long time (after IIPM one), I was going on a long drrrrive :M). So there was no question about NO. Got ready at home and then vrrrromed on bikes over National Highway 8 (Rashtriya Rajpath Pradhikaran Nigam – as is called in Hindi) and then on Mehraulli-Gurgaon road. It was excitement and fun all the way, driving through the traffic of Gurgaon and finding out the way in outskirts. This time, it was far ahead of IIPM on the same road. After driving for about 30–35 minutes, we were at Ashoka Farms. Have I told you that their was a dress code for evening…it was a bit out of guess work and so I will not mention here. Better you conjecture it from photos. Everyone was not looking less than the so called high-end personalities, shining and gleaming all the way.

Yati – the chhhhhhoooo cuuuuuuuute daughter of Sid was also there singing all the way πŸ™‚

After usual chattering and meeting people, it was DJ and CE people went crazy as always – I feel proud of being part of such crowd. It makes me remember college days – our get togethers aren’t less than those. It was first dress-code party that I was attending and I was awestruck for long time to see the people in variety of clothes of same class! Teji was the best dressed guy, if I am asked to vote for.

It was fun dancing all the way till it lasted. I was a bit disappointed from my team’s enthusiasm but Amit overpowered it πŸ™‚ Sumit and Raji were first – I like their nature of taking initiatives all the times πŸ˜› Then were the rest. I was the last of our herd but then, it was about not coming back from floor. Was well cherished and supported by Himanshu, Mittal (Saurabh), Bansal, Raj and Luthra (although for very less time) and who not, all from CE were there on the floor along-with their dear ones. Thank you, Anupama, I must say for the great organizer. For me, it was also the celebration time. It was so much fun dancing all the time and that too in enthusiasm as for us, dance like no one is watching…Sumit always leave impression like he is badly drunk while dancing on the floor (couple of people literally asked me same thing) although he is a strict non-drinker…now that’s called the spirit!!!

No one was there to look out for dinner when it was all about dance. So it was to be called off before we, the group of nerds, came out of stage. I forgot to mention Mystery Man Mayank Mittal – just see the pic and you will get the rest ;M)

As always, our known Casanova Raji once again got obsessed by hypothesis of luring the babe of eve. According to him, she was flat on him…and we were laughing it all.

Ramraj was greatly missed, really! Others who didn’t (they said couldn’t) make it to the party and we thought they wouldn’t do this, included Gaurav Singh, Dhiraj and the sweet couple.

Now comes the real after party pie…Sumit was convinced to come along with us – after all he is a part of us and we know, how to get him along :MD. Himanshu and Raji were all set to take off. So these 2 bikes were flaunting with the way as well as the cabs of CE for some way and then talking with air till it was realized that a mishap happened which was quite serious.Rear tyre of my bike was punctured and it was forest all around plus watches were showing that midnight had passed πŸ™„ There was no hope for getting any mechanic and so it turned out to be after it was found in the nearby areas. Then it was flood of ideas about solving the problem like parking it in Mandir (in our sight) and then pulling out the tyre + taking it along-with us finding for mechanic and there was a master idea from Raji – look for rickshaw…man it was past midnight and he was expecting getting it with ease. But it is always helpful of having couple of but worthy friends which can help you out in any problem and I am lucky to have such valuable mates. Raji and Himanshu drove on voyage of finding…rather discovering the mechanic over the road at that time. It was after travelling multiple couple of kms when they found one at Delhi-Gurgaon border – it is 24 hour service shop (benefit of being in metro!). And it took one more long hour for getting out the tyre, taking it back to the shop and then coming back and fixing it – all after travelling multiple couple of KMs. Raji was waiting all the time at mechanic shop and I had company of Sumit with whom I had patched for first time, that night…time flies when you get to talk with him and you don’t know when the hours are turned into seconds! Sumit was wondering what made us to come on bike when there were cabs for us and he was convinced when I gave him couple of statements :mgreen:.

Finally, bikes were all set at 0330…it was 0330 and we were lingering over the road finding our way…yes at one time, we lost it. Finally we were at our places after a long night journey and there was no time to look out for bed or all. If you liked the party photographs, u may like to see more here in the CE Diwali Celebration Album.

Now don’t ask me , how does it feel to wake up in morning when an early morning meeting about discussing important things is waiting for you and you have to get along with the time…dot

Yes, last thing of the day…I downloaded IE7 SP2. Now, my blog is loading in it, finally.

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