SMS helpline for women staff

IT back-end solution provider, ValueFirst has launched a helpline for women in India which is aimed towards letting women get help from one point. Using this service, any woman employee can reach out for help from local police by sending an SMS to the number – 6070. As soon as SMS is received, it is forwarded to local police department of that area.

I liked idea of letting people reach out for help (any kind of help) at one number which has been working successfully in westerrn countries for years. All you need to send an SMS or dial  number if you are struck in  trouble in remote area and you will be getting instant help, no matter what hour of day it is. I just faced a problem of this kind last night when my bike was punctured at midnight while returning from celebration and it was forest all around 🙁 but it always helps to have a good bunch of friends with you :M).

Presently, this service has been introduced in Gurgaon (yes, my city :)) but it will be available with all mobile service providers in country. I couldn’t find info on the ValueFirst website on this product.

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