Indian Heavy Users spend about 8.2 hours a week over internet

According to I-Cube 2006 report by the Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, only 38% of all the Internet users in India contribute to ‘heavy users’ group and they spend mere 8.2 hours per week over Internet on average. The percentage of users has increased double-fold from 16% in 2001 with 20% in 2004.

According to study, school going kids spend an average of 322.3 (5.4 hours) minutes a week on the Internet, while college going students spend an average of 433.2 minutes (7.2 hours) a week.

Older men spend an average of 580.5 minutes  (9.7 hours) a week.

Among women, working women spend an average 535.3 minutes (8.9 hours) and non-working women spend 334.5 minutes (5.6 hours) a week.

Another time facts are –

Avg mins/week:

  • Top 4 metros – 547.7 min (9.1 hours)
  • Other 4 metros – 423.5 min (7.1 hours)
  • Small metros – 467.1 min (7.8 hours)
  • Non metros – 381 min (6.4 hours)

Going by facts, it is clear that time spent on Internet per week increases with the age of users in India.

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I-Cube 2006 covers around 65,000 individuals from 16,500 Households surveyed in 26 cities with additional coverage of 10,000 businesses and 250 cyber café owners and is one the largest offline survey of the Internet Users in India.

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