Finally back@track

Hmmmmmphhhhhh…For so many days, I have been playing with plugins and PHP all the way.

By now, I can say that I can easily code in PHP if can't boast of being a PHP programmer! I have become much familiar with this chubby language…Chubby because there is so much inside it. And then you are also expected to play with MYSQL if you know PHP. Let us have a look at following MYSQL query –

ALTER TABLE `wp_posts` ADD FULLTEXT `post_related` (
    `post_name` ,

 Who can say that it creates index on wp_posts table using 2 mentioned columns.

So I was saying that I have been busy in beautifying my space and I am happy that it has happened. No you can see lot of links at top which include Recent Photos (I customized rather created tag based Zooomr RSS Feed WordPress Plugin), Archives and Contact Form. There is a marquee scrolling on left sidebar which shows the current song playing in winamp on my system. There there are Category and Word clouds. There are related posts being shown on opening a single post. There is disclaimer embedded in the footer. Lot of other plugins are running on background to make you experience on this blog – a memorable one. Still special care has been taken to maintain the page load time. New categories have been added including my favorite number – 7 and on the line of 55 words, I have decided to log 77 words at times. So there is a lot new here to mingle with ;M)


Finally, I am over from my mania for plugins…for a while. Now, it everything is looking Good. Beautiful. Lovely.  Awesome…

Update (27/09/2006): I found that my blog doesn’t open in IE 7 RC1 (the one with tabbed browsing and still in testing). IE crashes before my blog loads completely…I don’t know whether it is because of Plugins or what else but it is opening quite smoothly in Firefox 1.5 as well as IE6 (the latest stable one from MS). My blog is causing an Microsoft product to crash…Whoa! Perhaps it is because more emphasis is put on UI and features than on the core characteristic required for a browser – fine loading of websites lol 😆 :P. So here is another benchmark that can be suggested to Microsoft for testing their latest IE version before release ;M)

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