Writely integrated with Google

Have you got a message rom Writely lately with subject An IMPORTANT notice from the Writely team that it is integrated with your gmail account?…It happened sometime last week when I was busy in plugin work for blog. I had in mind to write about it an here it goes.

So from now on, you no longer need to login to Writely separately when you are already logged into your Google network which I am, most of the times on my pc. I wish, someday, I see the same feature in orkut also where I need to login every time I open my browser, even if I am logged in Google.

Here goes the content of mail –

Dear …,

In a few days, we will update your Writely account to use your …@gmail.com Google Account registration settings.This means you'll need to use your Google Account password when signing in, not your Writely password (if they're different).

If you've forgotten your Google Account password, just go to https://www.google.com/accounts/ForgotPasswd

Google Writely Team

Happy Writely experience. I already own tens of documents out there and enjoying the Google beta service.

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