Now it is SGPC after Bukhari

According to today’s TOI, now SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee) is adding fuel to Vande Matram controversy by asking Sikhs not to sing Vande Mataram (national song) on September 7.

SGPC’s chief Avtar Singh Makkar has referred this song disseminating a particular religion (SGPC has always been biased in referring to such issues). Of course that particular religion has been called as Hindu by All-India Muslim Personal Law Board’ Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari. Here is today’s news in paper –

SGPC to Sikhs: Don’t sing Vande on Sept 7

Fuelling the ‘Vande Mataram’ controversy further, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) on Tuesday asked the Sikh community not to sing the national song on September 7.

In a statement issued here, SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar, while making an appeal to all community members to not sing the national song, said it only propagates a particular religion and does not fulfil aspirations of minorities, including Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. “It’s a conspiracy to spread communalism in the nation,” said Makkar.

There have been extremist religious parties emerging from time to time like All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (Muslims), Vishav Hindu Parishad (Hindus), Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (Sikhs) etc in this democratic country called India which have been adding fire to the woes of Indian citizens. They never come forward when these communities need help but once things have happened, these ultras start appearing to console their people . In return, they ask them to follow the fatwas/instructions given by them like the one here. This notorious Muslim League leader, Mr. Bukhari has been giving statements from time to time which have no meaning and for Muslims, they don’t matter now at all as for Hindus, the messages from VHP. I have spent 20 years of my life in Punjab and I know that even SGPC also not means anything to educated people out there. Today’s educated Indians know that these are propagandas of these groups and that these orgs have been linked to anti-social elements somewhere in past or present like Bukhari have been linked to ISI by our national agencies/police now and then and in same way, SGPC have been told having links with Khalistan leaders at times.

This is the news where Bukhari had referred to Vande Mataram as anti-Islamic –

Vande Mataram anti-Islamic, says Bukhari

The national song Vande Mataram is “against Islamic beliefs” and asking Muslims to sing it would amount to “suppression” of the community, Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari said on Sunday.

Addressing a press meet here, Bukhari, said according to the tenets of Islam, one could love one’s country and even lay down one’s life for it if the circumstances so demand. “But when it comes to worship, only Allah is given that honour.

A Muslim cannot worship his or her parents, motherland and even the Prophet though they are held in high esteem,” he said, reacting to a Central directive to states for recitation of Vande Mataram in educational institutions during a celebration on Sep7 to mark the national song’s centenary.

“Ever since independence, all governments at the Centre and in the states have been suppressing the Muslims. This proposal is yet another example,” said Bukhari.

And here is the statement given by another Muslim leader in MP against his instruction –

Madrassa students in MP to sing ‘Vande’

Madhya Pradesh Madrassa Board chairman S K Muddin has issued a circular asking the 2.75 lakh students in 5,300 seminaries to sing Vande Mataram on September 7. Muddin has issued the notice to all registered madrassas asking them to abide the Union government order on the national song, as there is nothing unIslamic in it.

“All students studying in madrassas are Indian citizens,” Muddin told TOI. “And every citizen should sing the country’s national song with pride. I have instructed all madrassas to have our students sing Vande Mataram when students of every school and college will sing the song. Vande Mataram means ‘Ei Matare Watan Tujhko Salaam’. It’s a salute to the nation and we will along with every other citizen of this country salute our motherland.”

His words are an echo of sentiments of other Muslims from different sects in Madhya Pradesh.

A large number of Muslim men plan to take out a procession from Roshanpura square in Bhopal on Saturday to show their support for singing the song. The procession has been organised by the All India Muslim Teohar Committee (AIMTC). The procession will be led by Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Mansuri (head of Mansuri sect), Haji Hakim Qureshi (head of Qureshis) and Syed Shaukat Ali (head of Sufis). AIMTC chairman O S Khurram told TOI that the aim is to educate Muslims. “Vande Mataram is a prayer for the nation. We Muslims pray five times in a day,” Khurram said.

“There is nothing wrong with praying for our motherland. Vande Mataram is a ‘salaam’ (salute) not a ‘naman’ or ‘ibadat’ (worship).

If we were asked to worship then it would be unIslamic. Or even if we were asked to do ‘sajida’ which is the act of bowing while we read namaz. This is not ‘sajida’, this is a prayer for the welfare of the nation.”

Khurram said misconception among Muslims existed because the song was in Sanskrit — a language they don’t understand. “Muslims would have given a better response to singing the song if it was translated once by the government in Hindi, Urdu and other regional languages. After all it is not a national song of 50,000 Indian citizens who know Sanskrit. The national song is for 100 crore Indians and every Indian should understand the song.”

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