Lage Raho Munnabhai

It was yesterday at DT.

A fabulous movie…full of fun and emotions (appropriate combination) and some social work tint by highlighting the present issues in India which are keeping it backward and a light on the teachings of our Father Of Nation. Yes it sounds awkward of shooting Mahatama Gandi in Sanjay Dutt’s movie and Mahatama becoming his idol but it happens. And it is presented very beautifully by Rajkumar Hirani. Let me state that it is the best movie in this year so far…a clear block-buster. I haven’t seen even a single person suggesting not to go for this movie. Everyone is praising it everywhere and perhaps, I am also going to be the one of them.
It was great to see the lovely Munna-Circuit pair after long time of release of Munnabhai MBBS in 2003. It is clean meaningful comedy and pretty different from Munnabhai MBBS. But of course, Lage Raho Munna Bhai is better than Munna Bhai MBBS.
Movie starts with our own Munna alias Murli Prashad Sharma (Sanjay Dutt) falling in love with an RJ named Jasmine (Vidya Balan). So he fits the links to meet her and appears to her as a professor because he had to. He studies hard for her and develops mental but meaningful disease (or dual personality? – Chemical Locha) that he starts seeing Mahatama and has real-time conversations with him about his life. And the product outcome is referred to as Gandhigiri – opposite to Dadagiri. So our bhai takes the Gandhi route and see what, whole Mumbai is influenced by him. He solves the problems of people over radio in Bapu’s way without any violence. And then there is Boman – this time in a stubborn Surdy’s role who is a typical businessman (avaricious builder). He also colors his wife in his color and tries to color his daughter too (it was good to see Diya after long time) but she stands by truth (effect of Bhai/Bapu’s teachings) and her hubby is sweet enough (surprise appearance of Abhishek Bachchan) to accept her for whatever she is. The role of a jyotish is also depicted in this movie and is shown that there isn’t much truth in it. The Circuit-Munna connection is more embossed with emotional roundabouts around their relation. Then there is Jasmine-Munna love ishtory which progresses in straight path with full support from 60+ old children of Jasmine. I loved the way love story proceeds from both sides. And finally, the effect of Ahinsa (non-violence) and Satya (truth) is shown in Bhai-Gandhi join – although it is delayed but comes out to be justified and fruitful.

Songs are very lovely and every song is different. Wonderful work by Shantanu Moitra.
Sanjay has performed amazingly good in this movie and for sometime, I forgot his movies not less than nightmare to me like Tathastu, Musafir, Rakht, Rudraksh, Plan etc. (2004 was really a flop year for him). This time he has emerged stronger than any other actor. Vidya is looking prettier than in Parineeta. And their combo rocks. Anish was surprising if this is the right match for her but I was confident. The way she speaks Good Morning, Mumbai, it is too good. The beauty of movie is that cast is almost same as that of previous version. And almost all the locations related to Munna are kept intact including his residence at Dhobi Ghat.

Mr. Hirani has kept the HIT tag attached with his name with this movie after Munnabhai MBBS and Parineeta. He makes few but makes block-busters.
Arshad, as always, is a wonderful performer. I am looking Laurel-Hardy kinda future for Munna-Circuit combo.
Rating – 9/10

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  1. I haven’t seen this movie as it is not yet released at my place (in the UK) but I have read so many positive review and I am sure you have defntly enjoyed this film…
    I hope I will see this movie soon….

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