Yahoo! Photos is working, finally

At last, it is functioning properly and I am liking it…the new thing…the new Yahoo! Photos.

Finally, the major bugs are fixed and now, photos open on double clicks. I am able to upload photos using, so famous, Yahoo! Upload tool. I loved the interface to say the least. Yahoo! has continued providing unlimited space for storing photos.

Now you can download full size photographs – I wanted this feature for so long and I knew, Yahoo! will provide it one day.

Another desired feature of viewing full screen slide show of photos, the way does, is not there yet but I wish, I can see it soon there on Yahoo! Photos. That will be just great. There is good error message on Transaction Failure which lets user feels that it wasn’t his/her mistake but Yahoo! is responsible for not handling that :P. When a single photo is opened, the image details are loaded on right hand side of screen with a big text-area down the photo for providing comments. The UI is designed in AJAX and is quite interactive. Here are few good UI flicks…

Yahoo! Photos Home Page –

Upload Page alongwinth the estimated time details –

Drop-Down interface, the part of sleek UI –

If you try to switch between different albums fastly whithout letting previous album load completely, this error message will be shown to you –

Photot details –

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