Online IM

A very promising Instant Messenger. It is original Web 2.0 thought which takes IM online with the geo-location at work.

It is RadiusIM

It is all about location

It’s free site that shows you who’s around and Let us you IM them

So it is all about locating people around you and IMing with them. It is private and secure as claimed by website.

Once you login to, choose your location, you are presented with the people around you in form of check boxes. You can view their profiles online. You friends are listed in a side-pane on right hand side.

You can login to your IM logins which include AOL, GTalk, Yahoo & MSN. I just signed up with RadiusIM but wasn’t expecting to see anyone in around my location as happens with most of the geo based websites but I was surprised to see lot of people from my own country, around. But still there are some problems with this website as it screams as goes on its official FAQ. Firefox hangs, once it is closed…so beware. Looks like there are many features which are already planned by the people working behind it. Till now, progress has been great and I am planning ot use it regularly, for now.

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