Is Zidane Offender?

Sunday night match was speculative…be it the struggle of both teams for cup or the head bump of Zidane to Materazzi. I wanted to write about it on the day of happening only but wanted to know more about incident as Zidane has been one of my all time fav players.

The reason that why I cudnt believe what happened that night was bcoz Zidane is one of those finest soccer players that I have ever seen who believe in harmless play (last time when he was shown red card – was in 2000, as far as I cud find out). Ronaldinho is another player who lie in this category. So it was hurting to me when I saw such a class player doing this act and that too intentionally without any strive. Red card was obvious and it was worthless talking to referee after doing such an act, as Zidane was shown on TV. Moreover, it was of interest for me as it was supposed to be the farewell match for him and no one wud dare to do such thing at such an occasion…that too in 111th minute in extra time of game – causing an opprobrious exit from WC, professional football and world stage. If such a player can still be declared as BEST PLAYER OF THE WORLD CUP (and title of news was – DARK SIDE OF GENIUS :)), then of course, it can attract any-one’s attention.
Yesterday, after doing serious analysis, I came to know that he was provoked to do what had happened. A french TV showed the lip reading of Materazzi where he was shown abusing Zidane and it was serious one. He did it multiple times. Zidane has been playing for Italia club Juventus for many years, so he knows Italian language – as is speculated by football pundits. There’s speculation that Materazzi called him a terrorist. However, a Brazilian TV channel, using lip-reading experts, said the Italian used really offensive words for Zidane’s sis. Zidane’s agent said he was “provoked by something very grave”. Zidane was well supported by Luther Blissett, the black English footballer by bringing up the racism issue.

I ask, who wont go offensive after hearing something very explosive? I am completely on side of Zidane after having going thru’ above news. He wasn’t wrong anywhere in doing the act. He was and he will always be remembered as a great footballer and I am supported by those 86% who polled for TOI’s poll that Will you remember him for his red card or as a footballer.

Here goes the words of French president for him –

I would like to express all the respect I have for a man who represents at the same time all the most beautiful values of sport, the greatest human qualities one can imagine, and who has honoured French sport and, simply, France…You are a virtuoso, a genius of world football, you are also a man of heart, of commitment and of conviction. That is why France admires you and loves you.

Adieu Zidane

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