I got The Gadget

I went to my home-town on this weekend.

And there I bought another gadget. It is Nokia 6630.

I was in search for a PIM which is simple to use, robust, flexible and user-friendly. And this gadget came as recommendation from my younger brother – the tech expert & a true geek. Yes bro, u r an expert 🙂 He know what are the latest trends, what is hot and what is the next best suitable gadget for oneself.

I was planning to get a PDA or high end cell phone. The PDAs which I liked including Nokia 6708 were mainly operated by Stylus and there was very little operatability/functionality provided using keypad and that was a turn off for me – those kbd geeks can understand what does a keyboard mean to a technophobe who want speed and accuracy plus efficiency 😀 Also there were few sets which dint support sis files (kinda 3rd party s/ws for cells). So after going thru’ the features of different high end PDAs (yes I also considered Communicator, N-Series but I would prefer to go for laptop for kinda functionality they promise at the offered price tag), I decided to get 6630 which was strongly backed by bro also and I was convinced by the facts given by him.
It provides a wide list of organizers and doc viewers plus different Symbian apps, Global Roaming, Voice commands/recording, Video/Audio conferencing, high speed data transfer, hot swappable & expandable mem slot with 64 MB RS-MMC, 65k TFT display, 1.3 MP camera plus 1.23 MP for images with 1280×960 dimensions with modes including night-wide etc.
And web browser with improved HTML support (supports background images, frames and JavaScript).

The talk time is up to 3 hrs and stand by time up to 11 hrs. I tested its time, space & pixel limits on very first day after purchasing it.

The package includes phone set, 64 MB DV RS-MMC, Adapter for DV RS-MMC, Stereo Headset HDS-3, Battery BL-5C, Charger ACP-12, USB Data Cable and CD ROM containing PC Suite & Adobe Photo Album 2. Moreover, this is the first Nokia 3G smart phone.

Also purchased additional 512 MB memory card for making sure enuf space for my dear songs and few fav videos.

All needed apps were already there with bro including best media players, image viewers, screen captures, zip, games (included my fav chess), net s/ws, webcam apps, dictionary (it sud be there), explorers (the best ones), office apps including word & spreadsheet etc. etc. (add on their registration also ;)) and they shaped up my cell into the one for prof use! Then he copied full length, high vol compressed audio n video songs. Those songs which sized 5 MB in PC were compressed to 1.5 MB size and the sound quality was much better – he knows how to do it using few audio editing s/ws and also taught me. Also there were s/ws for videos which compressed 54 MB files to 4-5 MBs!

Sometimes he make me feel/realize that stamp/thappa/recognition/papers isn’t evthing to recognize/prove one’s capabilities:idea:. It all lies in you dedication and your head:!:.
I loaded all my fav English/Hindi/Punjabi songs in cell which counted to about 100 and they took mere 180 MB. And selected 32 videos took about 125 MB. Thats it and I have all my fav collections including wallpapers in my dear cell. Still 150 MB of 490 MB is free…so still I have space to make choice!

And also I took few snaps. They are quite clear even at 1280×960 size and the space taken by an image at such resol is about .5 MB.

Think that you meet your mate after 6 long years all of sudden. Yesterday, when I was returning, I met Varun Khanna. We both were together during SSC. Refreshed those good old starting college days, mates and the tutors. He remembered Chunky – my present roomie.

And today, I am at office doing good work :)!

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