He is leaving

I saw him on very first day of my joining at CE. He was sitting diagonally opposite to my seat. Long hair, big mouth but a very soft voice. He resembled Dhoni very much and was referred with that name only after some time. Technically strong as was his bg but a very friendly guy. We became friends in next few weeks.

He knew Pavan as they both are from same insti. He is quite careful about his looks, clothes and of course, style. A typical gadget freak. But he was accustomed to bubbles and grass which caused him problems at some times.

One day, he asked me about this firm – Z. I told him many good things about it as one of my friends is working there. And after few days, yesterday, he told me that he is going there. To my surprize but when he told me details, it is kinda lifetime offer for him at this stage although he has very notorious bg about jobs. But still he is dedicated kinda person. I was told that I cud also had made much easily for this lifetime looking oppor but I dint try as I am ok with my current occup.

Wished him ATB. He has been very nice colleague cum friend.

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