CNET’s take on top 10 Google Apps and Flash Player 9 released today

CNET has rated for Google apps and listed top 10 Google apps among them.

On the top is, as obvious, Gmail beta. After all it is the best ever dynamic email service, launched in history of web, where your inbox is dynamic but your storage space also keep on changing every second! And the features which are provided are very innovative. Google Calendar is on second place – good to see the way it has progressed so fastly. Another products that I wanted to see in the list are – Writely (4), Spreadsheets (5), Picasa Web Albums (9) and Desktop beta (10).

Out of top 10, I use all the products. Out of 10, I use top 5 regularly whereas among last 5, I use 2 on daily basis. So more or less, I am in harmony with the rating.
You can download latest Flash Player – version 9 from here and it is branded with Adobe as Adobe Flash

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