Test your web design in different browsers

You can test your website for its compatibility in different browsers online. The service is browsershots which is right now in beta stage.

Here is the procedure –

  1. Enter your website address starting from http:// like http:// www.netgautam.com
  2. Select browser. There is wide range of browsers categorized on the basis of OSs. They include MSIE 7.0, Firefox 1.5 but Opera 9.0 was missing.
  3. Select the options for Screen resolution, Javascript, Flash, Color Depth, Java, Max wait, Media plugins. I selected my options for Screen resolution (1024×768), Javascript (Enabled), Color Depth (24 Bits as 32 Bits was missing), Java (Sun Java 5.0), Max wait (30 minutes) and for the rest, Don’t Care

Now, wait for next 30 mins to get the results.

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