10 things

10 things that I think, the most delightful for me. Right now, revolving in my mind but of course, they are not limited to 10. And perhaps I will be missing the best thing I wud like do…

  1. Laughing like anything
  2. Playing games madly (indoor/outdoor/video – any)
  3. Doing typical MI-4 activities (last time I did when I took the ball from our neighbouring home crossing the sharp iron grill, and using chair as a platform to cross wall – shifted it on both sides using rope :)…will write more about it later…if I got chance)
  4. Watching Movies (Hollywood/Bollywood)
  5. Listening Muzic (Any – for once at least)
  6. See rising sun (Don’t remember when I saw last time…perhaps years ago)
  7. Dancing
  8. Programming late night after mid-night (one will have to make me sit till then 😉 and my fav muzic sud be on)
  9. Writing (anything)
  10. TT (of course not Table Tennis but bird watching – try to figure out the right form)

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