Creative advertisement

Have you ever thought – up to what extent tech can change ad world?

Here is an example. The first thing that kept in mind while creating an ad is to get attention of user and then to retain his attention. It is beautifully done here at (dead link – DrBanner which has opted to fill the blank space as soon as it gets more and more user attention and what is the measurement scale? The distance of mouse from ad. As user brings mouse near the ad, the missing things start appearing in the ad like in car ad, first tyres appear, then color, then glasses…in the last the full car with full advertisement text – who will not like to see the full car once it starts appearing? And in another ad, in clothing ad, model is shown in different clothes of company starting from full length and clothes keep disappearing as mouse comes closer! And yes, as the patterns change, price and desc. also changes in bottom – this is called creativity or in DrBanner’s words, Creatology.

Here are the lines from website on about page –

  • We operate on the border of creation and technology.
  • In short: we come up with new ideas and make them work.
  • Every campaign, project, or banner is different.
  • We live for the challenge.
  • And love our work.

Quite innovative 8)

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