Sachi Left

Lets all assemble at 5.50 pm in the conference hall to bid a farewell to Shachi Prasad.

This was the message which surprized me – the least I had expected. Friday was the last day for our QA head at CE. She was a kind of pillar for CE from QA side who was working with CE for last 1 year and she had joined when there were only 20 ppl in org. Was the best in QA – it was her 1st job as manager, as she said and she did it very well. I met her first time in our dance party at Sahara Mall and it was full of gotchas when I didnt recognized her…the talk started from Kavitha – the QA head at Chennai and I mistook her as QA head at Delhi and that was the time, Sachi thought to better introduce herself 😉 And after that, it was great time whenever I met her. Also got chance to meet her cute little angel – Nisha during out trip to Meshobra.

I was wondering for last couple of days, there were long meetings of Sachi in engg. manager cabin. And before that, it was Vivek Pandey. So one routine has become very certain!
Sachi will be flying back to USA to join CE at San Jose office, where she had joined CE in start.

ALL THE BEST, Sachi and yes, we will take utmost care of your forever QA team 🙂

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