FIFA World Cup in ASCII – live over net

Since BBC banned broadcast of FIFA world, there have been number of attempts by geeks all over the world to find out alternative for those who love to stay online 24 hours but also die hard soccer lovers. Except

official website of FIFA, nothing came to their rescue. But now, these tech freaks from Australia have ultimately made it possible to watch world cup live over net – in ASCII format. All you have to open command prompt, write telnet message and just after 8-10 minutes (call it boot time), it is there.Here are the commands. Open command prompt and fire any one of them to have Fun@Net –

  • telnet 2006
  • telnet 2006

You will be watching players running in ASCII format and score being displayed at upper right corner. So here is another implementation of thinking behind Inet.
Here is what appearing on my screen right now of the match between Ecu and Crc when Ecu is leading by 1-0.

Yes, you have to concentrate a bit, but anything for soccer. I call it the real harness of power of Net. One salute to these great personalities.If you want to visit the website, this is the link – resist from posting the screenshot of website with the label –

“The best, most ridiculous, most redundant graphical implementation of ASCII!”

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