Woohoooooooo! Picasa Web Albums are here

Yo Man!

And finally, long awaited web service is up – Google is there with online web albums. Although it is limited test and invitation is sent on first come – first serve basis – just the way in case of Google Spreadsheet (which I got after 3-4 days) and Google Analytics(after about a month). But this time, I am lucky and got the invitation just the time, I entered my id. So you better, visit now and sign up for this great service.

Well, I think I haven’t talked about spreadsheets or analytics also – that I have been using for couple of days.

Google spreadsheets (lets call it GSheets) is online Excel document functionality which is already being provided by Zohosheets and iRows but here I got to see combination of best features provided by both of these websites. I have been using both of other services for some time. iRows doesnt provide multiple spreadsheets in same excel doc which is there in Zohosheets and Gsheets. Zohosheets provide most of the features which are scattered all over the page but in GSheets, they have been organized under menus and toolbars. In GSheets, macro functionality wasn’t there in start but now, lott of macros have been added under Formulas section. Other two are – Sort & Format. There is a menu – File & a button – Save. You are provided with many text formatting tools which include font/wrap/align/insert/edit functionalities. Still improving evday…

And Google Analytics is a website Analysis service which provide you with the stats of your website. I signed up with my personal website – netgautam.com, and just after 2 days, it started providing me the website stats in form of reports. There are different views for Executive, Marketer & Webmaster. And then are these different sections under every view like for


  • Executive Overview
  • Conversion Summary
  • Marketing Summary
  • etc.


  • Marketer Overview
  • Marketing Summary
  • All CPC Analysis
  • CPC vs Organic Conversion
  • Keyword Considerations
  • Campaign Conversion
  • Site Overlay
  • etc.


  • Webmaster Overview
  • Content Summary
  • Defined Funnel Navigation
  • Entrance Bounce Rates
  • Web Design Parameters
  • etc .

And there is this whole big pool of info where you can see from where ppl come, for how much time and even, how many times a link was clicked – full fledged information that one can require about one’s website.

So I was talking about Picasa – you need to install Picasa in order to upload the photos. Presently it is offering only 250 MB of space and I hope that it will be made more than 1 GB as per Google standards – if they are followed :).

I am going to start uploading my albums today in eve although wont be able to upload all the albums (as the size exceeds 1 GB).

Here is my public photo gallery address –


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