Google Co-op and Google Trends launched

It is about sharing expertise at Google Co-op.

Here Google invites you to share informationon different topics and mark/add pages which you think, are relevant to some topic.

As a user, you can subscribe to different services and then include them in Google search, more precisely, Personalized Google search in oredr to get more exact search results.

Google Trends is about knowing, what rest of the world is searching.

You enter a keywod in search box, click on search trends and you are presented with a graph of search volumes. I entered Punjab, and got a graph like this plus the stats of searches about cities/regions/languages of Punjab. Also some pertinent news resuls are also displayed. Quite useful to know, how valuable your search is.

– slightly different results.

One more thing, case does matter. Here is the page when I searched for punjab.

2 thoughts on “Google Co-op and Google Trends launched”

  1. I’m rather concerned that, despite so many seemingly new-fangled tech tools or software being launched, they’re all essentially still the same thing, only in slightly different forms/interfaces. 😛

  2. Yes I agree with you and your concern about the replication but the mark where they can be compared are the reliability and the quality of stuff. One can nver imagine about failure of servers @ Google/MS/Yahoo! and because of the level of services provided by them. Although there are many mailing websites which provide tens of GBs of mail space but even then Gmail beta is preferred by most of the users just bcoz of the degree of excellence and assistance…and that way other competitors keep on evolving…so the story moves.

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