Open/Transparent Employee Policies

This subject is of concern for every employee working in private industry and almost every company boast of having complete transparency with its employees. But the reality is different which is realized after you become a part of that firm and you find yourself inside lot of unjumbled things which are meant for you.

Companies provide the information but most of the times, it is either not complete or it is made so much complex that that it is hard to understand.

Let me talk about my previous firm. There I witnessed a complete open employee environment – at least in my division because of the supporting head who wanted to interact with each and every employee but at the same time he was tough at disclosing finer details when he was questioned about the non-availability of information.

The reason given by him was quite simple – not everyone will be able to understand the critical data and hence it can be misinterpreted. That sounds quite acceptable but then why do you brag about complete transparence. Here I came to know the difference between open and transparent employee policies. We had open env but not transparent one.

And at many times, it pinched to employees of our division as there were other divisions where employees were being provided by complete information by their respective heads but I also saw those ppl misusing it. But perhaps, there needs to be a hierarchy for information sharing where a particular level needs to be informed about information at certain degree. There were many cases which came into light, once those open forums were organized, where even project managers were kept away from important data and in lack of it, they didnt hesitate to misguide their project ppl. So at least a certain degree of transparency is desired at every level in corporate ladder.

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