I think I have never covered this great networking website in my BLog as I have always been skeptical about success of online networking but since I have been member of this website for about more than 6 months and my network has been growing constantly, I think this is the one which is gonna make diference in online networking world.

I have been testing other bunch of networking websites like LinkedIn and Ryze but there at somepoint, you end up having a limited number of people in your contact list. But @ Orkut, it is always increase every month if not every week. Take my exampe, there was sometime when there wasnt addition of single friend for about 3 weeks and I had started similar feeling of LinkedIn but just last week, 4 more of my friends from Infy got added in my contact list – Seema Dadhwal, Abhishek Kumar, Sabeeha, Arun Shashidhara, Prashantha, Pinkesh Jain, Sangharsh Gautam and Saurabh Shah. And if you think that it was just last week when I got to have so many ppl right into my list, 2 weeks ago, I got to add my batchmates – Shefali, Deepta, Ankit and Akhil…ya sometimes, the pace gets slower but ppl keep pondering into your profile…or u just search them out.

The features which I found contribute the most in making Orkut live are –
– You can view profile of anyone
– You can send friend request to anyone and then it is up to that person if he wants to accept you or not.
– Great Communities with moderation as option.
– Fans/Testimonials to make one feel good and show-off.
– You can send message to anyone / scrap anyone.
– You are give complete administration on your scraps and sraps sent by you.
– Birthday Reminders.
– You can customize your profile to be viewed by evone/friends/myself.
– The great Google search for communities and friends.
– Regular updates.
plus many small features.

I got two testimonial to my surprize written by my friends. I had never expected anyone writing my testimonial the way I had thought about someone becoming my fan but I got the both worlds. Thank you Cheeku (Vishal Gupta) and Jeetu ji(Jeetinder Singh Bawa).

I also thought of writing testimonials for my friends but cud never get time like many of us and ultimately ended up thinking about that…perhaps someday i will get time for that.

If you need an invitation, here is the place to comment and I will send you the one. Great too to try at least once…and I bet, you will never like to leave it.

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