Now How to get Windows Live account

Here I m writing down the steps to get the Hotmail sorry Windows Live Mail account and then you can get to use so many other Live services. Evone is waiting, how the creator of Outlook will same its online email service in this mail competition era and here it is – a replica of Outlook for you, online!

1. Login to your Hotmail Account

2. Go to Options -> Personal

3. Select your Language as English (if not selected)

4. Now click My Profile

5. Change your Country to USA, Zip code to 90001. Change your state to California

6. Save the changes

7. Your account storage will be increased to 25 MB (if it was 2 MB initially)

8. Wait for storage space to augment to 250 MB

9. Go to

10. Find box with title – Windows Live Mail beta and click on the link – Sign up within that box

11. You will be asked for your email id

12. Enter your hotmail email id and wait for few days

13. Within a month of time, you will get an invitation to join Windows Live Mail. Here is the one which I got –
I m experiencing a problem as Blogger is unable to upload image displaying connection was reset

14. Click on the button – Join Now. This button is disabled if you open your mail in Firefox. So open it in IE (another trickery of MS)

15. Accept the Terms and Conditions

16. And after clicking the My mail button, you will see a whooping space limit of 2000 MB

17. Within few weeks, you will get an invitation to switch to New Windows Live Mail Experience or keep the Classic Hotmail Interface – choose the one you like. I liked the new interface more than the Classic one.

Still it is lot easier to get a 2720 MB email account…just an invitation 😉

Who says Hackers dont exist?

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