Darna Zaroori Hai


I had gone to see this movie on Sunday.

There are 6 directors of 6 different stories in this movie – the special thing about it. But one of the stories is copy of its previous part – Darna Mana Hai which was just brilliant. By the end, movie turns into a comedy. This sequel is not as good as previous part from perspective of scripting but the sound direction and effects are just amazing. You feel like you are sitting at the same place where the events are happening in the movie when surround sound keeps passing through your ears.

Amitabh and Ritesh’s part is just fine. Amitabh has done this movie for free.

Other story is of Arjun Ramgopal, Bipasha and Makrand Deshpande which is well directed by Prawal Raman – director of Darna Mana Hai but here a reflection was seen from a story of previous one – the story of Vivek Oberoi and Nana Patekar to make you believe in souls.

Third story is of a director named Karan Chopra (Anil Kapoor) and his movies include Kabhi Kabhi Hota Hai etc. and Mallika Sherawat is his fan. She wants a role in his movie and she tries to impress him with her acting…rest is the story. I liked this way of creating horror where you find yourself unable to decide who is the Bhoot(Ghost).

Another story is of Randeep Huda who is caught by a female ghost – to make you aware of dowry.

Last story is of a happy family of Suneil Shetty, Sonali Kulkarni, their child and a salesman – Rajpal Yadav…depicting today’s salesmanship :).

Yes I forgot to mention that these five stories are part of main story which goes in background portraying the main theme of movie but the end is very similar to Darna Mana Hai!

Well, I will recommend this movie to be watched in Theatre bcoz I have seen it there…juz joking. Well, if you really want to feel the fear, you need to watch it in theatre otherwise there is not too much to be watched in this movie without sound effects.

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