Do you want Yahoo! Mail Beta?

Most of u will be knowing that Yahoo! Mail Beta launched by Yahoo! is one of the hot services these days but it takes lot of time to get an invitation – usually takes around 2-3 months after sending a request for it unless you know how to get one by other way.

Here I m listing a simple procedure and in the end, you will have a beta account after spending a couple of minutes. I myself have tested it –

1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail account
2. Go to Options (right-top) -> Account Information
3. Go to the Member Information and click Edit link
4. In General Preferences menu, you wud find a link that has a label Language & Content, click on the link
5. Select English – United Kingdom from the drop down.
6. Now click on the Finished button.
7. Now when you return to your Yahoo! mail account, you will find a Yahoo! Mail Beta invite. Accept that invitation and now you will see a new enhanced Outlook like interface. Thats it!

And yes, you can go to options and change your General Preferences back to original one at any instant of time.

Simple…isnt it? There are lot of enhancements, features and shortcuts which are there in this beta release and arent available in Gmail or Windows Live! Mail.

So enjoy until competition hots up and you get some more exciting things.

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