Firefox or IE7 beta 2?

It seems that IE is not in mood of missing out even a single feature of one of the most popular browsers – Firefox. I downloaded and installed beta version of IE7 and it has almost all the features liked by users of Firefox. I have been using Firefox for last 3 months and I almost forgot about IE in the meantime and now, after I have used IE7, I am having a similar feel of firefox in it and I m sure that u will too, once you use it. The most prominent feature of Firefox which put it far ahead of IE6 is tabbed browsing and now it is there in IE7. Other features include Tab Preview, Add to Fav. Groups, easy management of fav.s, phishing detection, RSS feed management etc.

The place where IE7 falls short is its security implementation.

The other lieu where Firefox is ultimate winner is its small lovely extensions which are created by its different fans worldwide and in its competition, IE7 has provided some add-ons but they are not of much use as compared to vast library of firefox extensions. IE7 doesnt provide much flexibility in configuration and usability as in case of Firefox. IE7 also lags in integrity. I cudnt open my J2EE app. in IE7 which ran fine in IE6 and also in all the versions of Firefox!

After Google Vs Yahoo!, next most expected (and awaited) war which is going to be witnessed by techies all over the world seems to be between Firefox Vs IE7.

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