Shaadi Se Pehle

First thing first, it is not Shaadi Ka Ladoo but Shadi Se Pehle starring Akshay Khanna, Ayesha Takia and The Godess ;).

Yesterday, we watched Shaadi Se Pehle although I was in mood of watching Alien Insurrection and Kaho Na Pyar Hai to be shown on TV at 2000. But after we returned from Vishal Megamart and Sec. 14 market at 2030, we were in mood of having more fun. So we decided to go for movie and there were only 2 latest movies available to CD man – Saawan and Shaadi Se Pehle. So we decided to go for later.

We started our home theatre show at 2100. Anuj joined us at 2115 after he came from office.

This movie is about Ashish (AKshay Khanna) who get hold of a misunderstanding that he has cancer. So he tries to get away from his fiancee – Ayesha Takia. He tries many ways for this – drinking, girls etc. And by the time, he gets away from Ayesha, Mallika falls into his love. She is sis of DON – Suneil Shetty. And stroy proceeds with many funny happenings.

This is pure comedy movie and isnt much boring.

Mallika, the sex goddess of bollywood, has shown as much as she cud but cudnt give any smooch scene as Akshay Khanna seems to be quite conservative ;).

Movie is full of fun and frolic. We kept laughing after a minute or two. Specially the dialogues are carefully written like –
“Main tum logon ko khusi wali good news sunata hoon”


“AK – Is your father terrorist
AT – Why?
AK – Because u r a BOMB”

The shers of Rajpal Yadav are too old which I read in forwarded mails during my 1 year of B.Tech. like –
“Maine tujh se pyar kiya, tere baap ne mujh ko peeta.
Tan ki Shakti Man ki Shakti, Bornvita”

Kinda refreshing movie. Anupam Kher’s acting is good as always.

Music is the best thing of movie. Each and every song is good.

This movie is not gonna bore anyone – thats my pick.

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