Creative and dull Ideas

Yesterday, I was watching a campaign for upcoming serial on Sony – HeartBeat sponsored by Hyundai (if I am not wrong) and the buzz line of it is – Dil tham kar khelo (Play while controlling your heart).

Now thats what I call creativity. Although it is a copy of an english series but still the tag line is original – and thats what attracted me the most.

You will be given time equal to your 500 heartbeats to give answer to a question having 15 options as answer. So you have to control your heartbeats to let them beat slowly but you know, as the time pass by, you find your heart starts beating fastly and you have no control over them.

I am sure that this is the formation of some real brainy.

StartOne is coming up with best of its kind serials these days like Great Indian Laughter Chellange and DON. I have started liking this channel.

Another serials that I am liking are Office Office and Lo Kal Lo Baat on SAB because there are very creative minds operating behind them!

Whenevr I talk about ceativity, I get remind of Rathore (Amarjeet Singh Rathore aka P1) who was more than creative when we were together – I donno about now. He used to try those things which nobody used to think and perheps thats why, we used to call him mad/pagal but he was really “dare to do” kind of person. And I was lucky to be his partner in most of his endeavours like first time Robot making in our univ. etc. I always wanted to be with him in such creations. And other person that come into my memories while thinking of those events is Dot (Harprit Singh Deot aka Dot) who used to support us to his best. Although he always suspected these ideas but whenever we wanted his help, he was there with us.

Now lets talk about some dull thinking – althought it is also a kind of creative thinking but it is called dull because of some reasons and one of them is copying & perheps, another is bad rival mentality. Sprite and ThumbsUp ads fall in that category because they always choose ads of their competitors and morph them to alter meanings in those ads. Now, just newly launched Pepsi Tv ad was so badly presented in Sprite’s ad that it makes you laugh, no matter, how much you control and other of that kind is Pepsi’s ad which is copy of that Tadka Coke Ad! I call it bad competition.

Although I gave up drinking cold drinks long time ago but their ads were always of interest for me because of creativity, wheather that is the stunts of Akki for ThumbsU, Aamir’s dialogues (Baal Ki Dukan/Bhaiya/Yaaran Da Tashan) for Coke or Bubbly/Right Choice Baby etc. of Pepsi Ads but now new ads have started disappointing their lovers.

Now they need ppl like me, Rathore and Dot 😉 That can hire us for acting or creativity or both becoz we rock! 🙂

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