Still recovering

Still I m trying to recover…I had another problem on Mon…waiting to get completely fine.

Rajinder and Nitesh Gupta are going to stay near our home – both are my colleagues.

Raji and Nitesh – both were in urgent need of home as Raji was travelling long 35-40 kms evday and Nitesh’s friend – with whom he was staying, was going to leave place. So I showed them home that I knew in our street and now they are here – although the rentals are sky touching here too like Bangalore and almost every home is multi-story for obvious reasons but the 10 month advance trickery of Bangalore hasnt reached here so far. Well, now if I have started writing about BLR, I will like to write the things I liked and not liked there in BLR – I liked the climate of there the most many times, a North Indian starts missing those all seasons he used to enjoy here in north – hottttttt summer, rainy season, silent autumn, deep autumn, shivering winter and lovely spring!
I liked the IT industry spread out there but that is also of no use when you have nothing in city on the name of infra-structure…complete jeopardy – specially in transport.
Those greedy owners who keep their eye only on your money and never want to see you rich – the most depressing factor I had in BLR.
The expensive city.
But I liked very much the native Bangalorians.
Overall, I will not suggest this city to be taken into consideration for living but to visit once in lifetime – although nothing spl in this city as is hyped as India’s Sillicon Valley.

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