Best SEO Blog of 2005!

Best SEO Blog of 2005!: “You may already know this, but Search Engine Journal declared the winner in the “most likely to flame a spammer” category, and I beat Jeremy! Woohoo! I’m also very flattered that people rated me high enough to snag the Best SEO Blog of 2005. Thanks go out to everyone that supported my stab at trying something new this year.

Congrats to the other winners, including Search Engine Watch Blog (Best Search Engine News Blog), Search Engine Roundtable (Best Search Engine Community Blog), Technorati Weblog (News & Blog Search Engine Run Blogs), JenSense (Search Engine Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs), and the Official Google Blog (Search Engine Owned Blogs). Congrats also to all the sites that were nominated.

I can’t believe my site has only been live since August; in a lot of ways, I’m still getting my feet wet and getting the hang of things. I can’t wait for 2006; I’ll be trying a few new ways to give (and get!) feedback and advice this year. What would you like to see me try in 2006? “

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