Akele hain to kya gam hai

I went to home at 1900 but I had to come back here in office after travelling about 6 kms…because I lost keys of home+briefcase. Yes I am so much irresponsible……….or absent minded??? becoz I donno if I forgot it in morning at home. but I was more than 60% sure that I took it with me. So I had to come back tracing all the way for keys but no results. After reaching here, I thought of talking to Kansal – he met with an accident of his bike with a 4-wheeler in his office about a month ago. Since 3rd Jan, he is at home. Talked to him just sometime ago. He hadnt fracture but a ligament crack which resulted in blood clotting. So he had plaster and after 2 days, it will be opened. Kansal is planning to join back in 2 weeks. He also told me that Neha went to US for 2 months. Praveen went to onsite – Finland for 1 month. And on other side, Dot sent collection of photos of B to btech2004.

I talked to almost evone here around in city and also chatted with lot of ppl after joining.

Anyway, things are going fine for me here…learning fastly but this open source s/w have so many bugs and above that, mostly companies/ppl dont care about them. Now see OpenRules, there is complete 1 library folder missing…how can I work on examples to learn…I am halted there only. Lets see tommorrow.

Just now, I met Gaurav Singh, Udar and Joydeep/dada (from WB). Trying to make up relations although I know that in future, I will be hurt the most.

C ya

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