WordPress.com stat plugin for your WordPress Blog

Finally after long long wait, WordPress has released its stat plugin for hosted WordPress blogs. It is very much liked plugin by WordPress.com users like me during my short duration over wordpress.com (netgautam.wordpress.com) before switching to my own hosted blog (https://blog.netgautam.com/). Lot of people like me have been waiting for ages to get similar plugin. There used to be short-stats plugin but still, WordPress.com Stat plugin is something unique which lets to get sneak peek of every visit including graphical representation in a tiny flash interface.


If you are also one of the lovers of that WordPress.com Stat plugin, you will definitely like to test it. And for those who are new, it is not at all heavy on resources, as goes its documentation. So no worries in trying it out. You get to see your lovely stats on Dashboard!

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