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Today, when I have crossed 50k mark of visitors, for one moment, I thought that I don’t need to keep track count of readers after crossing this number especially when I have also reached at considerable mark of having substantial number of valuable readers. And perhaps, I will remove all the visitor counters in near future but the reason behind installing them was to know if there is someone who is reading stuff which I am writing and if it is useful to others…If others in world around me are enjoying it or not. And when today I look at number of visitors so far, the comments etc and that too within a year of launch of this website, I find that this website has really served a great purpose to thousands of visitors and will keep doing that.


And now I want to take all this a step further by counting the success of this blog through the number of feed-subscribers instead of readers. For those who doesn’t know or know very little abut RSS, here is a very simple definition of it which I give to any novice –


RSS is a way of remaining updated about a webpage whenever it is modified. Whenever a page, you are subscribed to, changes, you get notified along-with its content. You don’t need to visit that page but to go through the content shown by your RSS reader and in this way, you can keep track of multiple websites.


Therefore, if you are not subscribed to this blog, click on the Subscribe button on left sidebar or go to and subscribe it using any popular feed reader. I will suggest Bloglines or Google Reader among online feed readers. If you want to have desktop client, you can go for FeedDemon if you can shred few bucks for invaluable information from all around the world.


I will definitely like to see my subscribers growing so that one day, I can proudly present my feed-reader count at the place of visitor count of this Blog.

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