Feeling low

I have been asked by at least dozen of people about what has happened to me and why my usual smile is missing…why I have not been talking like before this week etc etc. I myself couldn’t know about this change in myself till I was informed.


I tried searching within and what I could find is that your mental and physical state is responsible for major contribution in your perception by rest of the world. I have been running disturbed for last few days.


My Nokia 6630 cell has been with Nokia Care for last one week. I had to surrender it to them on this Monday as in India, Nokia takes one week to fix up one burnt up IC. It is just 10 minute work according to my brother. And if I had been at my home-town, I had gotten it fixed with-in an hour but here in Gurgaon, first they make you keep waiting for about 30-45 minutes at reception, then your phone is taken into custody, sent to Delhi office for any minor to minor hardware fix and then, it is only after a week that your mobile phone becomes available at Gurgaon. Long live Nokia – India connection!


Secondly, my throat is out of service from very start of this week and it is sounding heavier than a non-functional silencer of a bike. I am hardly able to speak properly.


Thirdly, I have been thinking about one entity in this world for most of the time in a day. I want to get rid of that but have been unable to conclude upon anything.


Therefore, these are the hurdles which made people think that I am not the same Nitesh as I used to be before this week. Hopefully, everything will be back on track on start of next week.


Happy Weekend :roll:.

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