ICICI Customer Care

ICICI – one of the leading banks of India boasts of 24 hour customer care services but I found it to be a boast only when I was at home last weekend. I wanted to contact ICICI Customer Care, Punjab number but it was down after 1700. I also tried of contacting the Chandigarh number but it also seemed to be down. Same welcome message was being read again and again on both numbers but no response after entering the code to speak to customer care officer. I was under great impression of the services provided by this bank but I was disappointed from it customer care unavalibility.

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  1. I have been trying to call the ICICI customer care and speak to them. But none of the menu numbers allow me to speak to a customer care representative. Can you please tell me how to proceed so that I can talk to a human being instead of hearing recorded messages? It will be a big help!

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