What about organizing things?

What about different blogs for different sections…at some point, I realized that I wasnt organizing my posts as is my habit. I was puting evthing at one place. So now I decided to maintain different blogs for different units like –

NetGenic Album (netbum.blogspot.com) – For all my photo blogs. I have big DB of photos and now I will be putting them here one after other with my little comments 🙂

Nationalist (netionatist.blogspot.com) – All blogs about the my country

Net Journalism (netism.blogspot.com) – Yes, journalism has always been a subject of my interest. So I will be putting my journalistic thoughts here.

Movie Discussion (netmov.blogspot.com) – Here I will be putting my thoughts about movies I watched/liked…and one thing to tell you, now I can watch any kind of movie as I have become indurate to boring movies, specially after watching 15 Park Avenue

And here, in this space (netgautam.blogspot.com), I will be putting rest of the things in my brain…and in my heart!

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