A slave generation

This is the generation of people running after latest, so called, innovations and not minding if they have to turn into slave as long as they can lay their hands on those toys.

Recently during a search for the best smartphone to buy, I happen to hear from someone established that those who have achieved something in life are using iPhone, so go for iPhone. And then it was found that iPhone isn’t available without a service provider plan which meant to pay the provider a regular fee for 24 months. It might not sound unusual to a person who has been used to this kind of slavery but to me, it came out as a plan to tie you up with that provider for a pre-stipulated period. Then it turns out that those so called achievers of our generation are these slaves.

A plan, well executed, by Apple marketing and sales team.


But it doesn’t stop there and it is not only about phones. It is about most of the things referred to as necessities for living, nowadays.

It is wild slave consumer-producer market out there where we are working everyday to make others bound to our products while we being puppets to theirs.

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