Rockstar, Desi Boyz, The Dirty Picture and Don 2

First day last show of Rockstar at PVR Sahara with new partners in crime – Amit and Madhur. Personally I had no intentions to watch Rockstar on big screen but first it was a treat and secondly there was a planned get-together at empire after this show.


Movie starts with an inspired desi guy working hard toward becoming a singer. Then by chance he meets this Stephen’s modern girl and thinks her as a milestone towards becoming a great singer like Jim Morrison. First he tries hard to get her and when he gets tired, she comes to him for no effort. They go around, do the things which they will keep only between themselves and bid adieu to each other when she gets married, with a promise to meet again. They meet again under unexpected circumstances, start an abnormal love story and he gets his heart broken, she proving what people called her as “dil todne ki machine”. This is the first half, quite-entertaining and interval leaves you expecting much more.

When you return from interval, all you see is a philosophical movie passing over your head while most of it not making much sense at all. Still director keeps pushing you to figure out the clues and form your own story. By the time, you start working on your imagination to create a story, movie ends leaving you confused. The protagonists meet again and again and try to take their version of story forward but it never completes until they meet in virtual world – philosophical, I told you.

The role of actress is too powerful to be performed by this debutant and is mostly wasted. Actor has still done some justice to his role and gets appreciation at places, perhaps the best role performed by him till now.


Throughout this movie there is no link of lead actor with separatists or terrorists and still the title song used for promotion of this movie gives totally different illusion of movie being based on that background. It was totally misguiding for the viewers like us and we were disappointed by the cheap promotional tactics used to pull people to theatres.


This movie just turned out to be watchable like the previous one directed by same director who had shown some promise through his movie Jab We Met.


Rating: 5/10



Desi Boyz is story of 2 Indian boys in London hit by recession and they happen to go for job of women entertainers. Though the concept was not new but it was expected to get some performance from this pair like they performed in Garam Masala for some giggles which didn’t turn out to be. The movie starts slow and progresses in same pace till end. Becomes more boring and intolerable by the end. Only good thing about going for this movie was company of Amit and nothing else.


Rating: 2/10



The Dirty Picture was second get together at multiplex with Amit and Madhur after Rockstar and that was the only reason for me to go for this movie which otherwise was off from my list of movies to watch. It is based on the on and off-screen life of an actress who started her career as extra and became symbol of adult entertainment in very short time. Her relation with leading personalities of that time is shown with Naseeruddin Shah who played RajniKanth, his brother as played by Tusshar Kapoor and Kamal Hassan played by Emraan Hashmi – all these associations are predicted on basis of content of linked post. So I ended up watching a c-grade movie on big screen for first time in my life and we all agreed that it was the best movie in this category that can be made. That is all I want to write about this movie and yes, the multiplexes were going full for this movie was surprise for me.


Rating: 3/10



Don 2 was as good as was expected. Entertaining dialogues, too many interesting characters and so many turns and twists till end keep you glued. Director and lead actors have done a wonderful job. Watching the action sequences in 3D was fun. The way this movie is ended, next part is also expected. Feeling good to end this year with a nice movie!


Rating: 7/10

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